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IRS Audit Representation

Discover How To PROTECT Yourself From the IRS In Case You Get An Income Tax Notice or Audit...

Sleep Better at Night Knowing You Do Not Have to Pay Thousands of Dollars

Or Waste MONTHS Of Valuable Time Dealing With The Tax Authorities by yourself...

Keep Reading to DISCOVER How to Have a Tax Professional At Your Side

One Small Fee WILL Protect You In Case the IRS Comes Knocking..


How We Help

We can represent you before the IRS.

We can promptly answer correspondence from the IRS.

We can advise you of fees and changes before you receive a letter in your mailbox from the IRS.

We can help you to get Peace of Mind if you receive a notice from IRS.

What You Can Do

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Audit Protection is an add-on service provided by Keller & Koczara CPAs. We guarantee that a tax professional will help you understand communication from the IRS. Call today or fill out the Form below and we will help you chose the best plan to stay Prot

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